XXL Wavemaster - Black

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A Large simply wasn’t big enough. Neither was an XL. But an XXL Wavemaster? Now we’re talking!

This  largest addition to the Wavemaster line, the XXL has more than twice the striking area of the original. The bag section itself is a whopping 52” inches tall with an 18” diameter. When locked onto its base, the bag  stands a total of 69” tall – unless you plan on fighting Shaq, that’s plenty tall for practicing head kicks.

Like our other Wavemaster  bags, the XXL is easy to move and relocate. Just tip it onto the edge of  the base and rotate to roll (trust me, it’s a lot easier than you’d  think). This design makes it ideal for use in home and apartment use  because it’s not locked in to one location. Training in your garage?  Sure! Roll the XXL out for a few hours, then roll it into a corner and  park your car overnight. Friends coming over to your one-room apartment  later? Roll it out of sight into a closet – even take the bag off the base if you have to – and it’s good to go!

The XXL is the perfect  freestanding bag for any art or training that would usually use a  hanging heavy bag or muay thai bag: muay thai (obviously), kickboxing,  and MMA, as well as traditional martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, and tang soo do. When filled with sand or water, the base weights up to  270 lbs. That’s heavy enough for kicks, knee strikes, elbows – anything  you want to hit it with!

Bag dimensions: 18” diameter x 52” height
Base dimension: 28” diameter
69” total height